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A powerful grape variety

It is the nature of the terroir that has guided the selection of the grape varieties best suited to our soils. The Meunier variety, with its black skin and clear juices is the master of the Vallée de la Marne. It makes up one third of all plantings thereby making it the second most planted variety in Champagne, after the Pinot Noir and before the Chardonnay. It is characterised by bunches of small, round grapes with thick, blueish skin and a colourless pulp. In the early stages of the growing cycle, a fine woolly covering, almost flour-like in appearance, forms on the underside of the young leaves.

This powerful variety thrives in the clay-limestone, marl, clay and sandy soils of the Vallée de la Marne and its vigorous health enables it to withstand the harsh winters in the Champagne region. Meunier gives rise to soft, smooth and round wines with lush, fruity aromas.

raisins meunier beurton et fils

Meunier, an attractive grape variety

This variety certainly knows how to charm while simultaneously commanding respect. Its juices display an admirable degree of patience, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal their true glory before giving birth to exceptional Champagnes which evolve beautifully over time.

Meunier is a resistant and demanding grape variety with several viticultural, oenological and gastronomic qualities. It requires a real taste for hard work and an adapted terroir. Champagne Beurton & Fils has thus been able to produce “Blancs de Noirs” Champagnes. “Les Vaches” and “Les Chapelleries”, our single-vineyard Meunier Champagnes, which proudly bear the names of the lieu-dits where they were born, pay homage to the Meunier, the king of the Vallée de la Marne, as well as the outstanding Cuchery terroir.

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