Les Vaches

Old vines

This single-vineyard wine comes from our oldest vines and is made entirely from the vallée de la marne’s most emblematic variety. This seductive and elegant Champagne expresses the resonance between the soil’s mineral composition and the exotic fruitiness of the meunier.

Meunier 100 %

"Les Vaches" single-vineyard plot – Old vines (over 50 years old) – Fermented in stainless steel tanks – Liqueur matured in oak barrels – Dosage: 5.2 g/l

Les Chapelleries

Vintage 2019

This rare single-vineyard Champagne is the reflection of its terroir with its saline tones and its beautiful aromatic balance. Meunier, the emblematic variety of our region, reveals a personality that is both floral and fruity, juicy and crisp.

Meunier 100 %

Vintage 2019 – "Les Chapelleries" single-vineyard plot – Fermented in stainless steel tank – Liqueur matured in oak barrels – Dosage: 5 g/l

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