Our Philosophy

Rang de vignes avec ciel bleu Beurton & Fils

Respecting the environment

The use of eco-friendly techniques is the duty of any well-respected “AOC” and this is why, Champagne Beurton et Fils is committed to sustainable development.

Our hard work has enabled us to achieve the “Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne” and “High Environmental Value – Level 3” (HVE) certifications, which require compliance with 125 different criteria.

Our obligations cover 4 main areas:

  • carefully monitoring inputs and their potential effects on health and the environment ;
  • preserving and nurturing our terroirs, biodiversity and landscape ;
  • responsible management of water, wastewater, by-products and waste ;
  • and adapting to energy and climate-related challenges.

These certifications are recognition for the eco-friendly practices that have been used at the domaine for many years as well as the remarkable biodiversity in the vineyards.

Mains avec raisins et coccinelle Beurton & Fils

Grow differently

Our philosophy is based on the respect of the natural balance between the vines and Mother Nature. Therefore, we are moving towards an organic growing approach. The aim is to preserve the best balance possible between the soils and the vegetation with natural products.

Benjamin is now managing the vineyards and winery with a goal of obtaining the organic certification.

Viticulture durable en Champagne Issu d'une exploitation à haute valeur environnementale Champagne de vignerons

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