La Quille

Vintage 2016

“La Quille” is the reward that crowns an arduous endeavour. This charming Champagne, fresh and subtly lush, will seduce you with its finesse and elegance. With its lovely full character, it is the perfect accompaniment to your most special moments.

Delivery in France only.

Meunier 20 % - Chardonnay 40 % - Pinot Noir 40 %

Vintage 2012 – Fermented in stainless steel tanks – Malolactic fermentation – Dosage: 6 g/l


A silky yellow amber colour.


Fine and delicate notes of hazelnut appear at first, wit notes of delicately milky breadcrumbs. Aromas of yellow fruit, such as peaches and apricots, can gradually be discerned, which are then succeeded by notes of candied citrus fruit, orange and mandarin. This diverse expression finishes with spices as well as tobacco and black tea.


This cuvée shows a pleasant tension with a lush and attractive character on entry. Barley sugar comes through on the midpalate with a wonderful freshness. A wine endowed with lovely complexity and a remarkably clean, well-defined character. The ensemble is elegant, well-balanced and complex, complemented by honeyed aromas of candied citrus fruit that bring a lovely lusciousness.

Food pairings

  • Bresse chicken with morels
  • Calf sweetbreads
  • Braised veal/ Veal grenadine
  • Peach gratin
  • Cheese soufflé
Viticulture durable en Champagne Issu d'une exploitation à haute valeur environnementale Champagne de vignerons