Réserve 424


This zero dosage Champagne is more than it appears, revealing itself to be round, accessible and fresh, unveiling quite simply the purity of its character.

Delivery in France only.

Meunier 40% - Chardonnay 20% - Pinot Noir 40%

30% Reserve wine – Fermented in stainless steel tanks – Malolactic fermentation – Zero dosage (without added sugar)


A beautiful yellow colour with golden tints.


Dominated by aromas of fresh bread and pastries, the nose reveals a generous density. A summer-like floral character then comes through with notes reminiscent of ripe wheat, flaxseed and rapeseed. Meringue notes quickly come to the fore with fragrances of hazelnuts, praline and candied fruit. The toasted notes express maturity, complexity and a certain generosity.


A wonderful acidity, honed over time, and softened bubbles guide and coat the palate. The wine is straightforward on entry to the palate where it reveals its true character: round and accessible. This very smooth and even wine also reveals flavours of praline, dried and candied fruits on the palate, with toasted notes on the finish.

Food pairings

  • White meats
  • Comté cheese
  • Fresh goat cheese
  • Fruit gratin
  • Quiche lorraine
Viticulture durable en Champagne Issu d'une exploitation à haute valeur environnementale Champagne de vignerons