Follement Rosé


A highly skillful rosé blend, this flamboyant and zesty Champagne reflects our savoir-faire in red wine vinification. Opulent, generous and complex, this Champagne is produced using 18% red wine from a perfectly named Plot: “Les Folies”.

Delivery in France only.

Meunier 25% - Chardonnay 15% - Pinot Noir 60%

18% red wine from "Les Folies" plot – Fermented in stainless steel tanks – Malolactic fermentation – Dosage: 9 g/l


A slightly coppery salmon pink.


Candied fruits are expressed in a universe dominated by red fruit, especially stewed strawberries and raspberries. An opulent and plump expression on the nose that is interwoven with numerous fresh citrus fruit overtones. As the wine opens up, a generous fruitiness can be perceived. A timeless bouquet that encompasses the four seasons.


The palate is lively and silky, dominated at first by grenadine traits and a lush consistency, as suggested on the nose. The red wine’s contribution is obvious. The fruit expression on the mid-palate and finish has a surprising floral and spiced dimension with notes of peony, violet, lavender and rosewood.

Food pairings

  • Rabbit with cherries
  • Duck breast
  • Tarte forestière
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